Why are Christian men not pursuing women anymore?

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Should the church be telling men to pursue women

Many churches discourage women from actively pursuing men. Women who chase, initiate and decided engage men in relationships are looked down on.

They are seen as desperate and faithless.

Men are seen to be the initiators, leaders and providers of the family.

Didn’t the Bible say that men are the head and women need to submit? If women take the initiative they usurp the man’s role. She may just get stuck in carrying and doing everything in the relationship.

The problem is that many women are simply stuck. They are not getting dates. They are not being asked out and the men in the churches down even seem to be looking in their direction.

Why are men not pursuing women in the churches any more?

Should the church start encouraging or teaching the men how to pursue the women?

Or should women find ways to encourage men to pursue them?

Chase.tv sometime ago put up a funny youtube video called: Pursue Her: A Message To Christian Men

Christian men who see someone they like are encouraged to

  • Pray
  • Place yourself in position to know her
  • Seek wisdom from other people
  • Have patience
  • Then having done all this let her know what you want
  • Ask her father or someone who has authority to date her

However what Joe could have addressed more fully is why are christian men not pursuing the women any more.

I have created a series called “Why don’t christian men pursue women anymore and what to do about it”

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In this episode I discuss fear. No not fear of commitment..

Look at the video and find out other fears that christian men have that they never tell anyone

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