10 (Different) Ways To Meet A Christian Single

10 (Different) Ways To Meet A Christian Single

Are you tired of people telling you that you should go church-hopping to meet other single Christians?

Shirley is too. She tried it and felt lost and out of place whenever she walked into a different church. She was also fed up with attending christian singles workshops, seminars and events. Single events were dominated by other women. Very few men. What should she do. Here are some recommendations that got her talking with several prospect all of whom were showing sincere interest in her.

1. Church – but not church hopping.

Church hopping is not very effective because apart from meeting a bunch of other strangers – which has some benefits – you are not really meeting them in a context that is easy to gel.

Secondly we don’t always recommend the singles ministry. It has its place but it can be quite limiting. Some singles ministries are simply an extension of the evangelistic arm of the church. They have a ton of out reach activities that has no bearing on the real object on helping singles find Godly partners.
My suggestion is to think of areas that you are gifted in. Areas that you want to minister in. Join or create a group in church and start a ministry. Use this ministry as a spring board for visiting other churches and connecting to other like minded groups. You now have a reason and purpose to visit.

You can also join and participate in various activities put on by different church clubs, groups and departments. You should not limit yourself to single ministry group activities. the more activities you join the higher the chances you expand your base of friends, contacts and possible prospects.

It also gives you exposure to like minded people with whom you can network. Some of these maybe potential candidates while others will become friends. And guess what these friends have their own network. It would be rather easy to access to their network of friends.

This will widen your data base of people that you know. A huge database of christian associates increase the chances of meeting a potential spouse.

2. Other singles

This is rather easy but powerful. Do you have good opposite gender friends who is eligible and have great potential as mates but not for you. You may have grown up with them and see them more as brothers and sisters. Also there may be people who have approached you but things didn’t work out and you both remained friends. Make a list of these.

Then form a small group of people who are on a similar journey of finding a potential spouse. Have them do the same. Then swap list and discuss why you would recommend the people on your list.

You may just find someone that meets you needs from someone else’s list. Similarly one of the others may be interested in one of your platonic friends.

3. Hobbies.

Make a list of all the hobbies, interest and things you like to do or will like to start doing. These may include things you use to do but no longer find the time to do. From this list join or create a group at your church, community or online that is based around these interests. It will put you in touch with people of similar interests, one of which could turn out to be a potential mate or may have friends or family that can be possible suitors.

Dating couple

4. Education, career or spiritual development

Like hobbies make a list of topics and areas you would like to develop in your education, career or spiritual growth. Then take any one and join/start a course, seminar or study group. Suddenly you will begin to meet new people and the potential of meeting the one God has for you will increase.

An additional bonus form doing the activities in 3 and 4 is that you will begin to feel good and productive. Your growth and development will cause you to feel fulfilled and joyful. These qualities are invisible magnets for potential mates to be drawn to you.

5. Sports or physical activities

Like number 3 and 4 above begin to get in involved in sports or physical activities that you like. Of course in addition to the exposure to other people your health and energy will increase. These are 2 extra things that will make you more attractive to people.

6. Online – no not dating sites

There are many ways to meet people online other than joining expensive and frustrating dating sites.

There are many free social sites, groups, forums and online boards that are teeming with people who have similar interests to you. Simply do a web search and join some of groups.

A friend of mine, form the UK, once set up a prayer group of people all over the world. As they prayed together using online technology like Skype and Whatsapp, they got to know each other more. He soon found out that he liked one of the girls who live half the way around the world in the Philippines. They formed a relationship now they are married with 3 lovely children.

7. Prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Jesus said he will sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit that would lead us into all truth. Although most pastors usually interpret this to be theological truths, I think this can be applied to anything.

The Holy spirit can tell you what to do; where to go and what to say that would cause you to meet the one God has in mind for you.

Ask for guidance and listen to what the spirit tells you. Follow the guidance of the spirit may be surprised how and where you will lead to.

Someone is looking for a wonderful person like you

8. Volunteering and Ministry

As Christians we should be actively involved in ministering to others who are less fortunate than we are. This is a very rewarding experience, which boosts self esteem. High self esteem people are very attractive. You benefit in several other ways as your get to meet similar minded people who are volunteering like you.

One lady said she meet her husband as they were sharing soup to homeless people one Christmas day.

9. Friends and family

Believe it or not friends and family (and spiritually mature members of the church) are very good resources to find a compatible spouse.

Simply ask them a questions such as “If you were to recommend someone for me who would you choose and why?”

Remember this is only a recommendation you do not have to marry the person.

10. Consider current options

Adam was asleep when God took a rib out of his side and made a spouse for him. Similarly maybe there are possible Christian mates for you in your world but you are asleep. Your eyes are closed to them.

Consider the people that you currently know and ask God to open your eyes to any possible possibility that you may have been over looking.

8 ways to be a happy Christian Single Still while attracting great potential spouses

  • Recognize that single hood is a part of the journey. Accept that God is still working on you
  • Develop an interesting and full life. Have fun and adventure
  • Use the network of friends and family you have
  • Don’t be a man or woman basher – you will only attract what you focus on
  • Start a marriage saving fund in preparation for the time when it will happen
  • Pray for your prospective spouse
  • Expand your base of friendship and connections through what ever means you can
  • Listen to what the Spirit is telling you to do