Christian Dating Webinar Series – Finding Your Match

Christian Dating Webinar Series

This is for Christian singles who want to get married

  1. If Christian dating isn’t working  out for you
  2. If you have been rejected and stood up too many times
  3. If you feel that no one will take you because you are a single parent, divorcee or too old
  4. If you seem to be attracting only undesirables
  5. If you have had string of failed relationships
  6. If it seems as though no one is interested in you
  7. And if you truly, really want love, then you need to be join the  CHRISTIAN DATING webinar series.

This is 8 part Christian Dating series, hosted by Christian marriage and relationship expert Hilton Samuel is for YOU. 

It will start Thursday 3 March 8:30 pm GMT or 3:30 EST.

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Topics to be covered will include:

  • 7 Powerful ways to meet great Christian men or women
  • How to avoid marrying a jerk or jerkette 
  • Biblical dating in a modern world
  • Holy and horny – 7 powerful ways to manage your sexual desire as Christian Single
  • Dating myths that may be keeping you single
  • What men really want in Christian women
  • What Christian woman are looking for in a man
  • 8 ways to pray for your love life or lack of it

Don’t miss out on these powerful and exciting series.

The webinars are free but there will be NO replay. Once you missed it you will either have to pay it will be gone forever.

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Christian Dating webinar series