Dr. Wyatt Fisher on: Why I am still single

Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D.


1. First, ask yourself if your standards are too low or too high.

If you’re standards are too low then proper discernment isn’t in place, often leading to poor choices on who to date. However, if they are too high then that can hinder dating people who actually may turn out to be a great match for you.

2. Second, consider where you’re looking for other Christian singles.

Are you looking in places they probably won’t be, such as bars? Or, are you not looking at all? We can’t complain about being single if we’re not doing our part on putting ourselves in places to meet other Christian singles, such as Christian singles ministries, Christian dating sites, etc.

3. Another thing to consider is do you have problems from your upbringing

Problems such as abandonment or lack of attachment, that’s preventing you from being able to develop a healthy attachment with a romantic partner in adulthood. Similarly, have you been hurt by past romantic relationships and do you shy away from potential new ones out of fear of being hurt?

4. It isn’t your time yet

Another thing to consider is it isn’t your time yet. God holds all things in His hands and perhaps it’s not your time to meet the spouse He is preparing for you yet.

5. Emotional health

Last, perhaps you’re not healthy emotionally, spiritually, or physically and therefore you’re not attracting others. The healthier we become, the more we attract others who are also healthy.

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